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AdrianPage: Coding Tools

 Ferramentas auxiliares para programação criadas pelo Adriano Cunha.


Three new commands for MSX-BASIC to create, save and restore text windows on SCREEN 0 (in portuguese).


  • Enter BLOAD "CMDJAN.BIN",R to install the code.
  • Open "CMDJAN.BAS" to see how it works.


A program to convert MegaAssembler/ASCII files.

ConvASM 1.02 - MegaAssembler/ASCII file converter

© 1997 A&L Software

ConvASM is a simple utility to convert files between MegaAssembler format and ASCII plain text.

This program is very simple to use. Its syntax is:

ConvASM inputfile outputfile conversion [option]

    <conversion> can be:

        /M - convert inputfile to MegaAssembler format

        /A - convert inputfile to ASCII plain text

If you are converting a MegaAssembler file to ASCII plain text, you can put the line numbers on outfile with the option /L after the conversion type.

Files that are greater than 16kbytes are not allowed, because it is the limit of MegaAssembler.

If you omit any parameter or start ConvASM with no parameters you'll enter in the interactive mode, where the filenames and conversion type are asked to you.

To get a little help about ConvASM, start the program only with the option /?.

ConvASM is (c) 1997 A&L Software. You can use and distribute ConvASM without no charge only if don't modify it in any way. Please, respect the author.

Depurador II

A BASIC ASCII utility for debugging BASIC programas (in portuguese).

  • 65526 POKE-54,PEEK(-32765):POKE-53,PEEK(-32764):POKE-52,1:POKE-51,128:KEY1,"RUN65528"+CHR$(13):ZW=-32765:KEY2,"RUN65526"+CHR$(13):KEY3,"RUN65529"+CHR$(13)
  • 65527 CLS:ZW=PEEK(ZW)+256*PEEK(ZW+1):POKE-2379,ZW-INT(ZW/256)*256:POKE-2378,INT(ZW/256):POKE-54,ZW-INT(ZW/256)*256:POKE-53,INT(ZW/256):LIST.
  • 65528 ZW=PEEK(-51)*256+PEEK(-52):ZW=PEEK(ZW)+256*PEEK(ZW+1):POKE-52,ZW-INT(ZW/256)*256:POKE-51,INT(ZW/256):ZW=ZW+2:GOTO65527
  • 65529 INPUT"Linha";ZW:POKE-54,ZW-INT(ZW/256)*256:POKE-53,INT(ZW/256):ZW=-32767:FORWZ=0TO2:IFPEEK(ZW+2)=PEEK(-54)ANDPEEK(ZW+3)=PEEK(-53)THENWZ=2:ZW=ZW+2:GOTO65527ELSEZW=PEEK(ZW)+256*PEEK(ZW+1):POKE-52,ZW-INT(ZW/256)*256:POKE-51,INT(ZW/256):WZ=0:NEXT


After RUN, you can press [F1] to execute line by line, [F2] to restart at the begin and [F3] to execute specific line.

EdiSprite 1.2

An 8x8 and 16x16 powerful sprite editor, with various features (in portuguese).


  • [ESC] - Quit the program.
  • [INSERT] - Paint all over the current line.
  • [DELETE] - Clear current line.
  • [HOME] - Clear the sprite.
  • [CURSOR] - Move the cursor.
  • [SPACE] - Paint/Clear the current position.
  • [A] - Up scroll.
  • [B] - Down scroll.
  • [C] - Left scroll.
  • [D] - Right scroll.
  • [E] - Invert the sprite.
  • [F] - List the sprite data.
  • [G] - Left shift.
  • [H] - Right shift.
  • [I] - Create a program with sprite data.
  • [J] - Get data of the sprite.
  • [K] - Mirroring the sprite.
  • [L] - Invert dots in current line.
  • [M] - Invert dots in current column.
  • [N] - Restart the program.

Hitech-C Floating Point Library

The HTC floating point lib recompiled and some bugs fixed; this library returns right values for trigonometric functions.


An utility for using disk and importing/exporting HotASM sources (in portuguese).


Change the "Ok" prompt on your MSX1.

SCREEN1 scroll routines

Four assembly routines for scrolling SCREEN 1.


  • SCR1DOWN.BIN: Scroll down.
  • SCR1UP.BIN: Scroll up.
  • SCR1LEFT.BIN: Scroll left.
  • SCR1RIGH.BIN: Scroll right.

All the programs works in same way. Bload the binary file, define a USR entry point at &HE000, then call when you need.

  • 10 SCREEN 1 : BLOAD "SCR1UP.BIN" : DEFUSR = &HE000
  • 20 LOCATE 10,10 : PRINT "X"
  • 30 FOR F=1 TO 10
  • 40 A=USR(0)
  • 50 FOR X=1 TO 500:NEXT X
  • 60 NEXT F

VRAM Drive

A beta VRAM drive for BASIC programs (in portuguese).


It is some sort of Read/Write data To/From VRAM. At this moment, I have no clues, check again in a while (after the debug process).

The entry point is &HE010


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